Las preocupaciones

Miguel Ángel Manrique Taller de edición Rocca Colombia   Short stories “It is hard to find a single Spanish-speaker in the world whose ancestors have remained for more than three centuries in Latin America without at least one Rodriguez surname. But it is even harder to find an individual, Spanish-speaking or not, Rodriguez or not, Read more about Las preocupaciones[…]

Alfonso Christiano (3 books)

  Miguel Salomón Assisi Ediciones Argentina   Children book Alonso Christiano and the curse in the Lurín Valley Spring of 1974, Ariana Wilson, influenced by her friends, asks as proof of love to her lover Alonso Christiano, “the most beautiful jewel ever seen.” Alonso, eager to please her, resorts to her best friends, Marco, Sancho Read more about Alfonso Christiano (3 books)[…]

LIFI, Comunicación a la velocidad de la luz y la llegada de la internet a la gente

 Gunter Pauli Econautas Argentina   Essay Without light there would not be life. But light will change the world once more. In 1880 Graham Bell made— in his own words— his best discovery : the photophone. Bell succeeded in transmitting sound over the waves of sunlight. But Bell’s problem is that the sun does not Read more about LIFI, Comunicación a la velocidad de la luz y la llegada de la internet a la gente[…]

Vikinga Bonsai

  Ana Ojeda Eterna Cadencia Argentina   Novel Vikinga Bonsai lives with Maridito, who is travelling in the Paraguayan jungle and with whom she has a teenage son: Little Mountain. Her daily way is traced by a bicycle that knows only one way Boedo-San Cristóbal-Boedo, taking her from home to work and from work to Read more about Vikinga Bonsai[…]


  Carlos Chernov Interzona Argentina   Novel The union with the other, understood as a blessing or a curse, takes in these stories the form of a possession. A crazy psychiatrist, tormented by the voice of his delirium, uses his profession to report his own clinical case. A young woman devastated by guilt because she Read more about Amo[…]

Fragmentos de un crimen

 Max Valdés Avilés Vicio Impune Chile   Novel During the last summer of Popular Unity (1973: government of Salvador Allende), a dismembered body is found in the northern sector of Chile. Days later, a woman is found murdered by suffocation in her bathtub. Both are Spanish citizens who could not escape from the chaotic and Read more about Fragmentos de un crimen[…]

El mar desde la orilla

Alicia Migdal Criatura Editora Uruguay   Novel “This tediousness of literature, of knowing how to say, of implicit hope, dream by night and that literature interposes to tell it. To say, for example, that in a cruel dream a man, in suite and tie under the sheets, was saying I do not care about your Read more about El mar desde la orilla[…]

Media evolution

 Carlos Scolari La marca editora Argentina   Essay In the new ecology of communication and entertainment, the media is converging and recombining at an accelerated pace never seen in the history of mankind. The explosion of medical species is sweeping the pleasant television sphere. The consequences of this paradigm shift are still uncertain …With instruments Read more about Media evolution[…]