Hernán Ronsino Eterna Cadencia Argentina   Literature Julio Cameron is a man who enjoys the moroseness of old age in a landscape monotonous and familiar. You only have to respect certain limits, boundaries that you can not cross. However, when he is obliged to do so, a series of events will be triggered that will Read more about Cameron[…]

Los escogidos

  Patricia Nieto Marea Editorial  Argentina   Literature Acclaimed Colombian journalist Patricia Nieto tells the definitive story on the thirty years of warfare in Colombia. In an unique literary style, Nieto tells a real story where everything is true, but it doesn’t seem to be. In Puerto Berrío, Colombia, nameless bodies float down Magdalena river and Read more about Los escogidos[…]

Los mejores días

  Magalí Etchebarne Tenemos las Máquinas Argentina   Short story   These are stories about wise women. Events unfold, in an exquisite and poetic way, culminating in a passage of particular illumination: the precise moment to learn something important. A girl, for instance, is spending her honeymoon with her new husband in the mountains. Disaster appears Read more about Los mejores días[…]

Virus Tropical

  Powerpaola El Fakir Ecuador   Comics Virus Tropical, following the line of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, is a magnificent journey in the form of a graphic novel towards the inner universe of an introspective girl who, unexpectedly, is born in the middle of the world and grows between the tensions of a family that he Read more about Virus Tropical[…]

El sistema de las estrellas

  Carlos Chernov Interzona Argentina   Literature Two hundred years after a climatic catastrophe that has killed most of the Earth population, Goma, a child from a poor family is born. Among the survivors a war has unleashed. The winners had redesigned the world by the following rule: “What is the point on being millionaire if Read more about El sistema de las estrellas[…]

Locos por Martina

  Iván González García Editorial Magisterio Colombia  Novel “I did not understand. The piece of paper said ‘I love you’ and had the lipstick print of his beautiful mouth on it. Was it friendship or was it love? What about Fabian? Why did he wait until the last minute to hand it over? What should I Read more about Locos por Martina[…]

Todas las obras acabadas de Ioshua

  Ioshua Nulú Bonsai Argentina   Novel “Todas las obras acabadas de Ioshua” (“All the finished works of Ioshua”) brings together the official work published by the author and those unpublished poems that were only in fanzines, unofficial compilations and anthologies. The book contains its 10 original books of poetry, narrative and journalistic work; added Read more about Todas las obras acabadas de Ioshua[…]


  Collectivo   Deidayvuelta Ecuador   Poetry “There is poetry, and there are poets, that never disappear. They circulate through new channels, at times hibernate, and with a certain persistence they are laid bare, until someone revives them.”  Gabriela Alemán     ISBN 978- 9942- 14- 831-5 Medardo Ángel Silva, Arturo Borja, Ernesto Noboa, Caamaño and Humberto Fierro Ilustration: Sozapato, Claudia Read more about Decapitado[…]

Cero Gauss

  Denis Fernández Notanpüan Argentina   Novel Cero Gauss is a novel that tells the story of two characters subjected to an irreversible natural disaster: the decrease in the level of magnetism. On the one hand is Santiago. He is a pessimist and usurer of the Conurbano Bonaerense who, due to a calculation error, makes a Read more about Cero Gauss[…]