La ballena que imaginaba

Marcelo Simonetti and Sandra Conejeros 

Ulla Books


Children Book

The whale who imagined








Once upon a time there was a whale who imagined herself strolling under a colorful umbrella in winter mornings and climbing an apricot tree in summer evenings. Once upon a time there was a whale who could fly with the swallows. Once upon a time there was a rumba, mambo and chachachá orchestra in which the whale played the double bass with remarkable charm. 

ISBN 978-956-09056-6-6

Marcelo Simonetti (Valparaíso, Chile, 1966) is writer, playwright and journalist. He has published several pieces for children and youth: Tito (novel 2013), Vertical Horizon (novel 2015), The Secret Life of Letters (illustrated book 2016), The Tiger Stripes (illustrated book 2019), all of them in Spanish. Winner of the prizes Casa de las Américas a la Narrativa Innovativa, (Innovative Narrative, Madrid 2005), Municipal de Santiago (Santiago City Literature Prize 2003), La Felguera (Asturias, 1999), Marta Brunet (Children's Books, Chile 2019) and Muestra Nacional de Dramaturgia (National Playwright Show, Chile 2019).

Sandra Conejeros (1983, Chile) is a Chilean designer and illustrator. She has published her work in the books La Abeja Cristalina (Planeta Sostenible) and the large-scale illustrations Alice in the country of Biblioniños (Puente Alto Public Library, Chile). As author her first children’s book is Busco Encuentro, Cuántos Cuento (Seek and find How Much Do I Count, ULLA, 2018). And now she has illustrated La ballena que imaginaba (The Whale who imagined, ULLA, 2019). Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Poland. Her illustrations have been selected for the VI Ibero-American Catalog of Illustration (2016), the catalog Latin American Illustration (2015 and 2016) and the 14th version of the "3×3 Magazine Illustration Show (2017), among others. She received the Silver Dog Award in the 8th Bogotá Word Image Salon (Colombia, 2017) and was finalist in the Design Biennial of Peru (2019).