Fabulosas, 10 fábulas de Esopo

Cristóbal Joannon and Maritza Pérez 

Ulla Books


Children Book

Fabulous, 10 Aesop's Fables

Witty animals, foolish animals, animals that think, silly animals that end at the bottom of a river. That's how they are, that's how we are too. A lot to learn from them to understand our world and to understand how our strange little heads work.

ISBN 978-956-09056-5-9

Cristóbal Joannon (Santiago de Chile, 1974) is a Chilean poet and essayist. He studied Philosophy at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Argumentation Theory at the University of Amsterdam. He directs the collection of translations of Ediciones Tácitas. He is the author of the poetry books Tabula rasa (2005), Sumario (2011), Contra Mosco (2016) and Acto seguido (2020), and of the essay books No soy de ningún equipo (2014) y  Sobre mi cadáver (2019). Together with the illustrator Agata Raczynska published Lobo a la vista (2013), a collection of Aesop's fables.

Maritza Pérez (Maripé) is born a spring day in Santiago, Chile (1979). She studied Sociology (she does not know very well why) and currently works in the largest Public Library in her city. A few years ago she resumed drawing, her favorite childhood custom, and did not stop anymore. Since then she has studied illustration workshops in Chile, Spain and Portugal. During 2018, she was selected one of the 50 finalists of the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrator competition of the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair.