J.P. Zooey La Pollera Ediciones Chile   Novel                 Teo’s life is told through the chat windows opened on his computer. The stories of his virtual friends, his mother who always wants to see him connected or the intermittent presence of his emotional coach, reveal his difficulties to relate and his sordid experiences with his Read more about Manija[…]

La ballena que imaginaba

Marcelo Simonetti and Sandra Conejeros  Ulla Books Chile Children Book               Once upon a time there was a whale who imagined herself strolling under a colorful umbrella in winter mornings and climbing an apricot tree in summer evenings. Once upon a time there was a whale who could fly with Read more about La ballena que imaginaba[…]

Tony ninguno

Andrés Montero La Pollera Ediciones Chile   Novel                 An Arab leaves a child in a village circus with two books: The Arabian Nights. When the trapeze artist is injured, she decides to memorize the stories to tell them to the public. This will give life to Sherezade and King Shariyar to the point of Read more about Tony ninguno[…]


Maria Rita Kehl Boitempo Brasil   Essay               The book approaches the conceptualization of resentment from four points of view: the psychoanalytic clinic, the philosophy of Nietzsche and Espinosa, the literary production, and the political field.   Maria Rita Kehl is a doctor in psychoanalysis, and since 1981 she works as a psychoanalyst. She has Read more about Ressentimento[…]

Los animales por dentro

Nadia Batalla la marca editora Argentina   Children Book                 There is a mystery that remains out of everyone’s reach: what is the inner life of other living beings like while they run, jump or feed? In the publishing brand we find a scientific album, an animal facility Read more about Los animales por dentro[…]

Sombras de los dioses

  Christophe von Hohenberg Trilce Ediciones Mexico   Art book                 Christophe von Hohenberg has spent more than seven years portraying the complex society of contemporary Mexico City. He shows, through his images, the plurality and the intense activity that is lived on a daily basis. A journey Read more about Sombras de los dioses[…]

Cómo saber si respiro

Marina Perezagua Editorial Pesopluma Peru Short stories The easiest way to tell if you are breathing is to hold a mirror next to your nose or mouth and see if your breath is fogging it up. Another, much better, way to know if you are breathing is to read a book like this, which takes Read more about Cómo saber si respiro[…]

Ponciá Vicêncio

Conceição Evaristo Pallas Editora Brasil   Novel                 La historia de Ponciá Vicêncio describe los caminos, andanzas, marcas, sueños y desencantos del protagonista. La autora traza la trayectoria del personaje desde la infancia hasta la edad adulta, analizando sus afectos y desafecciones y su vinculación con familiares y Read more about Ponciá Vicêncio[…]